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Summer is a great time to be on the mountain. When it's too hot and sticky in the valley, the temperate mountain climate will be a welcome relief, and it's the perfect platform to launch your next outdoor adventure.

There are many things to do in the summer including:

  • Hiking Trails - we have an expanding network of hiking trails to explore. For the adventurous, travel up the mountain from the village, or for a more leisurely approach, take the bullet express to the top and walk down. See the trails section for more details.


  • Downhill Mountain Biking - Big White Resort has a network of world-class downhill trails on offer, there are routes for all ability, beginner to advanced, and all set within the spectacular scenery backdrop of the Monashee Mountains. See for more details.


  • Horseback Adventures - New to Big White in 2017 was the introduction of horseback adventures. Offering rides for all ages and abilities, individuals and families alike, they have proven to be extremely popular. To find or to book your next horseback ride visit The Globe in Big White village.


  • Scenic Chair Lift - During the downhill mountain biking season the Bullet Express chair lift is available not just to mountain bikers, but also to hiker, and for scenic chair rides. You don't even need to walk down! Take a scenic chair ride to the top, take in the extraordinary panoramic views, they have a relaxing ride back down on the chair lift. Purchase tickets in the Village Centre Mall at the to pof the Gondola.