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Security & Safety

In an emergency always call


for assistance

For all snow emergencies from 8am-9pm daily call:

SKI PATROL:  250-491-6160

Safety is everyone's responsibility whether that be on the mountain, on roads or around the village and residential areas. Emergency Responders are located at Big White Fire Department on Porcupine Road and will be the first to arrive to a call made through 911 in most cases. Ski Patrol are specially trained to reach emergency situations all over the ski hill; they are responsible for your safety on the mountain. Be sure to follow any directions or guidance they provide. For more details read Big White Ski Resort's Safety Pages. 

Speed Limits - The speed limit from the entrance to Big White (near to Snow Pines) is 70km/h; through the village area the speed limit is 30km/h

Driving Safely through Big White: There are many pedestrians, skiers and slow moving vehicles through the village and up towards the Upper Village. Before the season starts many people use the main road to walk on as there are no footpaths currently. Please be aware of this as a driver and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

Walking Safely through Big White: If you are walking at night or at times of low visibility wear highly reflective clothing and/or carry a flashlight (every cell phone has one!). Walk facing the oncoming traffic (except on hairpin corners) and be sure to keep to the side of the road as much as possible (not 3-5 people across the road).

Violence, aggression and harassment: If you experience any of these situations please contact Big White Security on 250 470 7349 or Paladin Security on (250) 762-8899 or call 911 if it is a life threatening and urgent situation.

Non-emergency issues that require police attention: Call West Kelowna RCMP on 250-768-2880

RCMP Community Policing at BIg White:

There is a Community Policing Office in the village, it is next to Globe Cafe & Tapas Bar along their patio. The hours of operation are from 1:00-4:00 PM during the ski season. A ski patrol of RCMP officers from Kelowna and the Rural detachment in Westbank is put together and one or two members are on the hill wearing bright yellow jackets. Their presence on the hill helps to maintain a safe and secure environment for skiers and boarders.

Volunteers are in the office to fill out reports of thefts that happen on the hill or in the village. These reports are filed with the RCMP Rural Detachment in Westbank and a file number is eventually available for the victim for insurance purposes. Ski engraving is also available at no charge and encouraged as one way to discourage theft.

Block Watch at Big White: we are currently in the process of establishing Block Watch for everyone who resides and visits Big White. If you are interested in volunteering to be a part of this please email us at