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Recycling and Garbage

Recycling and Garbage Collection

Disposal of bins from many hotels and businesses are contracted by the Regional District to SuperSave Disposal (1-800-665-2800). Garbage collection during the 2017-18 winter season is on Mondays and Fridays, Recycling collection is on Wednesdays.

Note: Waste and recycling services at your particular building/strata may vary. Please consult your building/strata manager for further details.


Waste Transfer Station

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary operates a recycling and waste transfer station on Big White Mountain, for the use of residents. The facility makes use of a compactor, with waste then being transferred to sorting facilities in Kelowna.


The waste transfer station accepts the following recyclable products:

  • all clean paper products (no food stained items)
  • all tin cans including US beverage containers
  • all rigid plastic food containers marked with a number 1 - 7
  • cardboard
  • plastic bags
  • newspaper
  • boxboard


  • Glass and Styrofoam are NOT ACCEPTED.
  • Items too large to fit into compactors must be disposed at the Glenmore Landfill in Kelowna.
  • Items such as paint, metal, tires, televisions and computers are banned from disposal at the Big White Waste Transfer Station and the Glenmore Landfill. These items can be dropped off at various locations in Kelowna. Check out the BC Recycling Hotline (1.800.667.1234) for drop locations. 

The waste transfer station is conveniently located at 4500 Big White Road, West of the village near Snowpines Estates.


Beverage Container Refunds

Many types of beverage container are refundable in BC. These are collected at various locations and returned to the manufacturers for reuse or recycling.

The types of containers acceptable for refund are:

  • All alcohol, beer, wine and liqour containers
  • All ready-to-drink juice, water, energy drink and soft drink containers

These containers can be returned for a refund at locations in Kelowna, or left in the donation bin at the waste transfer station. Funds go towards maintaining the cleanliness of the site.


Contractors and Construction Trades

All construction and demolition materials must be taken to the Glenmore Landfill in Kelowna.


Waste Transfer Station Location:


See the RDKB website for more details: