The RDKB Elections, to identify our representative on the Board and ensure our needs are addressed at regional level, are fast approaching! Vicki Gee (our current representative who will be standing again) and other electors will be identified 4 weeks prior to the election date and will be invited to Big White for a debate prior to the elections.

There are 2 main types of voters for an area such as ours:

  1. A Resident Elector is someone who lives at big white permanently and is:
  • 18 years or over,
  • Canadian citizen,
  • BC resident for 6 months,
  • Electoral Area E resident for 3 months is a resident elector regardless of where they own property elsewhere.
    (Resident electors include university students home for a break, renters, homeless people etc. – they reside in Area E Big White.)

    Resident electors do NOT have to own property or pay any taxes to register and vote (and vice versa - someone who lives in RDKB Area E/Big White permanently but who owns property in Kelowna would be a “Big White Resident Elector” and a “Kelowna Non-Resident Property Elector”). They would vote in RDKB Area E election and referenda as a resident elector and in the City of Kelowna Election as a Non-Resident Property Elector where they would have to also submit consent from the majority of owners of the Kelowna property in order to vote in the City.

    Both incorporated municipalities and Regional Districts use the same legislation – Parts 3 and 4 of the Local Government Act Same rules for registration and voting

  1. A Non-Resident “Property” Elector (most of Big White) is someone who does NOT live at Big White permanently but who is:
  • 18 years,
  • Canadian citizen,
  • BC resident for 6 months 
  • (Electoral Area E resident for 3 months AND owns property there)

    Someone who lives in Kelowna and who owns property at Big White is a “Kelowna Resident Elector” voting as a resident in the City of Kelowna’s Election and referenda but who also owns property at Big White so they would be a “RDKB Electoral Area E (Big White) Non Resident” and who could register and vote in Area E/Big White IF they give the required ID AND more importantly – page 4 is the property owner consent form where a majority of other owners (if that is the case) sign the form to permit the person to register and then vote on behalf of all owners.

A resident or non-resident who own more than 1 piece of property at Big White only gets 1 vote – regardless of how much property they own (eg they do not get to vote 3 times if they own 3 pieces of property etc.)

Applications forms to register for either type of voting are available here: